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Roof Repair| Why Choose Us

Roof Repair with TRW| Introduction:

Roof is a very important part of a house. We only give attention towards it during the rainy seasons or storm seasons. There are various vendors in the market that can help you in repairing the roof. The question is which vendor can fulfill our needs or requirements.

One of them is TRW. You can visit their site for the proper information. They provide the various services in context of roof repairing. You can fins find all solutions of your problem regarding roof.

They work on one principal: Trust, honesty and integrity. They provide best services to their customers.


Below are the services they provide.

1. General Contracting.

2. Roofing Contracts.

3. Consulting.

4. Insurance Claims.

5. Storm and Disaster Response.

We will discuss them one by one.

1. General Contracting:

Under this category, they provide the Existing building restoration service in which they rebuild the property as per your requirement. Other services are Interior build out, Home re-modeling, Tile flooring, Vinyl Flooring. Flat roofing, Tile roofing, Metal roofing, laminate flooring, new window installation. 


2. Roofing Contracts:

They are certified sheet metal and roofing contractor. They also provide the 50 years of roof warranties. If you want to repair your roof, then this is the best place for you. They provide Shingle roofing, Clay and concrete tile roofing, Conventional built-up roofing, Asphalt Shingles, Metal Sheet Roofing, Energy-Efficient COOL ROOF Coatings

3. Consulting:

If you have any query about the roof repair, then you can consult them. They have expertise in this field. They have supervised more than 4000 constructions sites.

They can provide you the information on various fields like Structural Engineering, Thermal Imaging, Long-Term Waterproofing, Completion of Closeout Punch Lists, Comprehensive Field Observations and many more.

4. Insurance Claims:

Soon they will launch a service of claim in which they will provide you the insurance of your property. If any miss happening occurs them then will provide the claim as well.


5. Storm and Disaster Response:

If any emergency happen they provide the 24 hours services in a day. Under this section they provide the services like Temporary fencing, Moisture control, Structural Repairs, Mold/ Mildew removal from building interiors,Removal of debris, Dehumidification, Sand removal


In the field of roof repair they provided the other services like Financing for various projects. You can say that TRW team is a BEAST in this field that has a staff of well trained technicians.

You can contact them online or their phone no is: +1 813 567 5566