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Roofing Contractor

Finding the Best Commercial Roofing Contractor

Discovering the right commercial roofing contractor is not an easy task at all. The challenging situation becomes worse when you consider all the other companies that your business is in competition with. Here is how businesses should find the right company for installing the roofs in the commercial premises:

  1. Quality of Work of the Roofing Contractor

Exceptional quality of work performed by the roofing contractor is one of the most essential characteristics of a great roofing company. Your commercial premises are an incredible investment for your business. This makes it extremely crucial for the roofing contractors to know how to execute the task of roof installation with the state of the art equipment, and also have the knowledge about the materials that have extensive longevity. 

  1. Hire a Roofing Company that Deals with the Roof Repairs

Commercial businesses are expected to exist for a long time. Therefore, there will definitely be a need for roof repairs in the future. In order to make the best deal for financial purposes, it is always advisable to get the roofing installation done in the first place by the roofing company that also deals with roof repairs. It is highly probable that some of the costs will be deductible because of the remaining warranty period. Furthermore, a company that has expertise in roof repairs will know exactly when the cost can be minimized for durable results. 

  1. Conduct a Thorough Research

The moment you are finalizing the deal with the roofing contractor, you should be able to judge whether the roofing company is interested in dealing with you for long term services. This only comes when you have researched the roofing company well. Read about the customer reviews on the website and ask for referrals as well so that you can personally talk to them. TRW Construction has developed a solid reputation in different types of roofing installations and roof repairs, and you can avail lifetime services at reasonable costs. 


Roof Repair | Reminders

Roof Repair

Roof Repair | Factors Responsible for Influencing the Cost of Roof Repairs

Roofs are responsible for providing a structural support to the house as well as keeping the building secure from harsh external weather. However, sometimes the weather extremities force the homeowners to carry out costly roof repairs. Here are some of the factors that influence the estimates of roof repairs:

Type of Roofing and Material 

There are simple diverse types of roofs — gabled, pitched, shed, and mansard roofs are just a few of them. Also these roofs are constructed from different kinds of materials — metal, asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles etc. Both the type and the material of the roofing are essential in determining the cost of roof repair.  

The Number of Fixtures 

There exists a direct relationship between the number of fixtures on the roof and the estimated cost of roof repairs. Skylights, chimneys, dormers, and other fixtures will not only increase the cost of the repairs, these will also make the task quite complicated for the roofing contractors. 

Size Also Determines the Cost of Roof Repairs

One of the greatest factors that influence the cost the roof repairs is the size of the roof. The bigger the roof, greater will be the cost of repairs.  


Building codes and regulations make it incumbent upon the roofing contractors to provide the local authorities with the work permit. The rates of the permits may either be flat or may vary according to the worth or size of the property. 

Sustained Damages

The extent of the damages sustained by the roof will also influence the cost of roof repairs. Minor leakages can be repaired easily costing the homeowners less money but if there was a hurricane or storm that resulted in widespread water damages, the entire structure of the roofing system could suffer. The latter would require a major construction work, therefore, the cost will be automatically high.  TRW Construction has a great reputation for executing roof repairs with quality material so that the lifetime of the roofing system is not compromised. 

Roofing Contractor | Design

Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor | Important Considerations When Designing a Roof

Selecting an appropriate roofing design and hiring an expert roofing contractor is of utmost importance when installing a new roof. Here are some of the most important considerations that must be kept in mind when you are choosing a new roof for your property. 

Weather Conditions

The safety of the selected roofing materials is extremely important to the design of the roofing system. Therefore, choose the materials that can withstand the weather conditions in the area where you live. 

Type of Roof and Location of the Property

The roofing contractor will explain why different kinds of materials cannot be used to construct every type of roof. Therefore, the selection of the type of roofing material for the roof you want to install in your property needs to take into account the location of the building. For instance, if you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall, it will be a poor decision to go for a flat roof. In such a scenario, it is best that a steep roof with a high gradient is installed. Flat roofs will allow water to accumulate which will cause significant water damages and leakages. 


Budgeting is an integral factor that plays a vital role in determining the kind of design and material that you can afford. Designing new roofs is not always economical. The budget will identify the monetary limitations you have in choosing the type of roofing system for your house. Since some materials are more expensive than the others, your budget can be the determining factor which ultimately affects the design and material for your roof.  

Professional Roofing Contractor

Hiring a company that has experienced roofing contractors and structural design engineers is also quite essential for drafting a solid design. AT TRW Construction, the expert engineers and contractors ensure that the premises of your residence are taken into consideration when the design is being finalized, and the complete costs fulfill all of the requirements. 

Roofing Contractor | Metal Roof

Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor | The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Today, metal roofs offer numerous benefits to the homeowners and well as commercial businesses. With the increase in the market share, metal roofs provide a long lasting value to the customers. This is one of the reasons why most customers are asking their roofing company to install metal roofing in residential areas along with the commercial premises. 

Why Should You Hire A Roofing Company to Install Metal Roofs?

Metal roofing is particularly beneficial for installations in areas where there are frequent windstorms and hurricanes. This is because they provide interlocking panels in order to give maximum resistance against wind. Also, most customers in Florida hire a roofing company to install a metal roof for making their homes and commercial premises more energy efficient. In hot climates, metal roofs help in keeping the atmosphere inside the building cool, which consequently reflects added benefits in the energy bills.  The cost of the metal roof is obviously greater than the asphalt shingle roof but it has the tendency to last a lifetime.  From maintenance point of view as well, customers hire roofing contractors to install metal roofs. Here are some of the other benefits of metal roofing that makes it a premium choice for customers who are looking for durability and longevity coupled with aesthetics:

  • Extensive warranties and superior performance for 5 plus years
  • Incredible designs that are perfect for all sorts of styles for a desirable curb appeal
  • Resistance against fires
  • Light weight that maintains the structural integrity and prolongs the life of the other supporting structures

The roofing contractors at TRW Construction will provide you with the premium quality metal roofing installations for extensive durability and a roof that lasts a lifetime. The wide range of metal roofs that TRW roofing company deals with are able to withstand the severity of harsh weathers. 

Roofing Contractor | Staying Cool

Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor | How Do the Metal Roofs Keep the Buildings Cool?

Most people misinterpret the cooling properties of metal roofs considering that its thermal conductivity and electrical properties, makes its surface hot. However, that isn’t the case — the cool and energy efficient characteristics of metal roof that you are looking for are dependent on the quality of construction material and the aptitude of the roofing contractor. Here is how the metal roofs keep the buildings cool:

  1. Low Thermal Mass

Metal roofs reflect the light falling upon it because of low thermal mass. This property prevents them from absorbing light, meaning that when the external temperature cools, they also cool down. If there is additional reflective coatings applied by the roofing contractor the metal roof also have the tendency to re-emit the heat. You will realize that the attics are much cooler in the warm summer days and you will be able to notice the change in the cooling system’s efficiency.

  1. Low Maintenance 

Conventional roofing materials experience severe damages after a storm or hurricane — resulting in extensive roof repairs. Sometime even the lifetime also declines, forcing homeowners to have roof replacements earlier than the lifetime of the material. In contrast, metal roofing has warranties that extend up till 40 years or more and have lifetime greater than 50 years. 

  1. Not Just Cooler— Metal Roofs Are Also Greener

Because metal roofs are mostly constructed with 98% recycled aluminum materials, they are considered a sustainable option. The fact that they are pre-fabricated also limits the transportation costs. Just in case the roof has to be dismantled, it can again be recycled for a new construction, making them greener than other roofing materials.

  1. Hire a Great Roofing Contractor for Efficient Ventilation

An important factor in keeping the building cool with metal roofing is an efficient ventilation system. This is where a great roofing contractor plays a crucial role. TRW Construction knows the importance of proper ventilation in hot areas. This is why the roofing metal is coupled with an appropriate underlayment and decking materials in order to prevent the heat from transferring into the building.  

Roof Inspection Importance

Roof Inspection

Why is it Important to Inspect the Roof?

It may not come to our minds that often but protecting what protects is an extremely important task and roof is the best example of that. While we often think that roof inspection is an extra chore that we have a right to ignore, in reality it can prevent many problems for your roof. Take a little time off from your busy schedule for only once in a year and go have a look at your roof to avoid calling a roofing company in emergency. 

Things to look during a roof inspection

There is a myth about roof inspection that it must be done by climbing the roof, while in reality it can be easily done with our feet very much on the ground. All you need to do is to keep your open your eyes for the following:

  • Cracks in the seals or rusting in the water resistant barriers
  • Blistering, curling or buckling floor shingles
  • Broken or missing shingles
  • Moss or lichen growth signaling the decay of the roof
  • While you are at it, have a look at the chimney as well
  • Always keep an eye open for asphalt grit in the gutters, as they are the source of protection from the ultraviolet rays. Losing those, protective covering is a red signal that roof repair is required.

Careful and timely roof inspection can help in the early detection of the above issues and save a lot of money and energy by the hiring of an efficient roofing company such as TRW Roofing for the roof repair. 

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Roof Repair

Roofing Underlayment — Why Hire a Professional Roofing Company?

You already know that roofing is one of the most integral parts of any building structure. Installed between the roof covering and the roof deck, the underlayment wraps your house. Being water resistant, the underlayment provides a barrier against water damaging the roof deck. Yet, at the same time it also helps to evacuate the moisture from your home. The roof covering shield the underlayment from the harsh environmental conditions and the UV rays. Since the underlayment is an essential part of the building structure, a poor installation could lead to deterioration of the roof deck. Therefore, services of a reputable roofing company ought to be required.

Hire a Professional Roofing Company for Advanced Roofing Underlayment

The most crucial part is to identify that you have selected the appropriate underlayment material. This is why hiring a professional roofing company is important.  A properly installed underlayment helps in elongating the life of your roof. Basically, there are three major types of roofing underlayment, namely:

  • Asphalt saturated felt which used to be a favored material in the past
  • Non-Bitumen synthetic underlayment is fast gaining popularity; and
  • Rubberized asphalt

Not having a roofing material if you live in an area that has a great probability of  rainfalls and strong winds, like Florida, is a poor decision. The experts at the roofing company will select the underlayment material depending upon the roof covering and the weather conditions of your area. The design of the roof, Floridian building codes, fire rating and the climate are also considered whilst making a selection of the underlayment. 

If you want the services of a reliable roofing company, then you may contact TRW Construction. The highly reputable company has great professional roofing contractors and will ensure that the product selection and the installations are done in the most cost-effective yet durable way.

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Roofing Company

Ask The Roofing Company: Streamline 203k Loans

How many times do we find a fixer upper that suits our budget and our needs but have to pull out of the deal just because we do not have enough money to finance the roofing repairs or replacement? With FHA Streamline 203k program, you no longer need to walk off from the deal of your dream house. It’s time to call in the roofing company and ask them everything about the loan scheme. 

Calling in the Roofing Company

What is a Streamline 203k Loan?

A Streamline 203k loan, part of FHA 203K program, is a loan that we can get along with a mortgage, to fund the purchase of a fixer upper. It is insured by FHA and provides a minimum amount of $5000 to fund the repairs, with the maximum rising to $35000. This amount ensures that enough money is available to fund the roof repairs and replacement comfortably along with other minor repairs.

How Streamline 203k Loan Works?

  • Buyers find the home that they wish to purchase.
  • Buyers contact a contractor, a roofing company in case of roof repairs that calculate the total cost of the repairs.
  • The application along with the repair estimates are submitted to a loan provider, which are then worked on by the FHA and the loan is insured.
  • Half of the repair cost is provided to the roofing contractor through escrow account, while the other 50 percent is provided once the work is complete.
  • Repairs less than $15000 are not required to be inspected. 

Lowdown on Streamline 203k Loan

  • Low down payment is required as compared to private sector mortgages and improvement loans.
  • They are designed for low income borrowers, who may have a credit rating as low as 500.
  • The interest rates are low.
  • By providing the funds even before the repair process starts, it provides convenience to the seller as well as the buyer.
  • To be applicable for the loan, the property must be a year old and the borrower is required to stay in the property during the entire course of the repair project. If the stay is not applicable, standard 203k loan is another option.
  • Streamline 203k loans do not cover structural repairs like load bearing walls, foundation repairs etc. 

Streamline 203k loans are a great way to finance the purchase of a house with leaky or damaged roof; a useful financial tool especially for the people in their mid twenties. If you think you need any professional help, contact your very own roofing company and we will guide help you with the application process of Streamline 203k loan. 

Roofing Service | Management

Roofing Service

Roofing Service | We see it all too often. A commercial roof that’s replaced could have been repaired or restored to watertight condition with a fraction of the expense and business disruption. In fact, 85% of roofs are replaced unnecessarily, due to bad information.*

Tearing off and replacing roofs when there’s still useful life to them is an epidemic that’s costing building owners countless millions of dollars when a simple solution exists that can alleviate much of the costs. And all of the accompanying headaches.

Roof asset management.

The reality is, unexpected repairs and unplanned roof replacements can decimate a building’s maintenance and capital budgets. Roofing-related maintenance costs can easily take up the lion’s share of a facility manager’s resources, and by not managing roofing assets efficiently it makes it difficult to plan for what’s ahead.

The solution? Savvy facility managers are contracting with qualified roofing service providers to proactively manage their roofing assets.
In return, they’re getting a range of services, including:

· A comprehensive inventory of roofing assets company-wide, complete with depletion rates and remaining useful life calculations on each one
· Regular roofing inspections and analyses
· Proactive repair of trouble areas before they result in leaks
· Core sampling and roof membrane testing
· Wet insulation reports for identifying energy savings opportunities
· Detailed condition reports on all roofs
· Identification of opportunities to restore a roof to extend its life before it gets to the point of a replacement
· Data and reporting tools to allow better capital planning and budget certainty

Similar to the philosophy of practicing wellness and preventative healthcare to minimize the risk for catastrophic illnesses and expenses, proactively managing roofing assets involves spending a little money today to ward off the larger line item costs later. It’s a clear net gain to your bottom line.
Knowing what your roofing expenses will be in a year, three years and even five to seven years out is an affordable luxury that not only results in peace of mind for facility managers, but budget confidence that allows for planning and addressing other building maintenance and capital needs.

Roof Restoration | Tips and Tricks

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration | Many building owners and facility managers will be facing an “ongoing repairs vs. replacement” decision about their roofs in coming years, but before they rush to judgment they should consider a third option – restoration.

Newer technology available today in roofing materials combined with scientifically based data analysis tools make roof restorations an attractive option for extending a roof’s service life. Why? There are several advantages to restoring a commercial roof. Here are the top five:

Half-price discount. The first reason is simple; the cost. Extending a roof’s service life through restoration can not only delay a costly replacement, but it can allow you to allocate budget dollars toward other facility improvements. Further, too often roof replacements are done prematurely; before the roof’s useful life has been fully depleted, thus leaving money on the table. Proactive, timely intervention with quality materials and workmanship can significantly extend a roof’s useful life, saving up to 50 percent of the cost of replacement.

Less disruption to the business. When you choose a complete roof replacement, consider the distractions that come with such a major construction project: unsightly dumpsters, waste generation and removal, aggravating noise, an unavailability of parking spaces, unwelcome dust and odors, and roofers coming in and out of the building among your customers or employees.

Fewer exposures to safety and human resources risks. Personnel issues can be another form of disruption. A large roofing project equates to a lot of people, thus a lot of exposure to risk. Safety on the job is a shared responsibility among the building owner, roofing contractor and roofers themselves. Workers on the job should be background-checked for drug use and criminal activity; they should be properly documented and follow all worker safety protocols. Choosing a roofing contractor who self-performs the work, and ensuring it follows these steps will help minimize your risk exposure.
The gift that keeps on giving. A roof restoration combined with a proactive maintenance program can continue to extend the useful life of the roof time and time again. Restoration is not a short-term, patchwork solution. It’s bringing the roof system back to like-new condition. Done thoroughly, and with timely maintenance interventions, its service life can continue to be extended beyond the first restoration.

Renewed warranty. “If I do a complete tear-off, the new roof will come with a warranty.” The warranty on the roof might offer some peace of mind, but you should exercise caution. From a building maintenance standpoint it’s better to depend on the actual roof or roof repair; not the warranty. Further, comprehensive roof rebuilds and restorations, through TRW Roofing, are warrantable; truly warrantable, with accountability and no finger-pointing when you make a claim because we are the manufacturer and installer of the roof systems we use.

Roofing maintenance is now a sophisticated science. TRW Roofing uses innovative tools and real data from customers around the country to accurately project a roof’s useful remaining life. We do this to help customers avoid unnecessary roofing expenses. Our restoration programs extend the roof’s useful life through timely intervention, maximizing your maintenance budget dollars.

Not every roof qualifies for a restoration, however. Contact TRW Roofing before you replace your roof to see if a restoration option is possible. It’s a call that might save you 50 percent on the cost of a total roof tear-off and replacement.