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Roof Repair 101

Roof Repair

Roof Repair 101: Roof leakage areas to look out for! 

As a home or business owner, there are certain vulnerable areas in your living spaces that you might have never bothered to consider for roof repair problems. As a result, it only leads to cracked painted walls, mold infusion and many other issues.  

Roof repair problems that are highly ignored:

Mold and wood deterioration problems often silently creep in your living spaces. This may cause you some serious repairing problems that can only be performed by a professional roof contractor. Here are a few signs to look out for areas causing roof leakages:

  • The chimney

One of the most common roof leakage areas often spotted by professionals from roofing company lies in the chimney. This is also one of the worst areas of leakage as it can be uncontrollable and damaging to the house. This is because, with chimney there are multiple source of leakages, such as the chimney cap, roof portion, siding surface of the chimney and much more.  

  • The skylight

Leaking skylights is also one of the most common and often neglected issues. The leakage may arise due to two problems. First, the skylight edge may have gone bad due to decaying. Second, skylights may have been installed poorly. Therefore, it is often recommended to install skylights that are independent.  

  • The flashing

These are basically water resistant barriers placed on the roof. If not replaced, these can cause serious leaking problems in your living spaces. 

We at TRW provide free of cost estimation to evaluate areas of concerns before and after damages caused by rain, storm, hail, winds, and thunder. So, whether it’s replacement of a new roof, installation of metal roof decking or just any roof repair problems, we are available with a team of professionals at your abode. Contact today to book an appointment before another unpredictable storm hits the region!