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Roof Repair | Answers to your Questions

Roof Repair

Questions to Ask Before Starting Roof Repair | Before any roofing job even starts, there are several questions you need to ask potential roofers or contractors. We have put together a few of the key questions for you here.

Will you give me a written estimate?
This is the first thing you need to know. The estimate can be used to keep your roof repair within budget. When the roofer is hired, the estimate he gave you is the price you pay. Protect yourself right from the start.

Will there be a foreman on site to whom I can talk?
Make sure you know who this will be and meet him personally when he arrives on site. If you cannot get an answer on this question and the crew is there to start work, send them away until you know who the project manager is. This information can save you a lot of aggravation as the project moves forward.

Can I get a local address and phone number?
This one is to protect you from events that happen after the roof repair is done. If something breaks or isn’t installed correctly, who can you call? You want to stay with a local company for many reasons. Primarily for peace of mind in case something goes wrong or needs attention.

How long is the warranty on my roof?
The minimum you want to hear is 25 years. This is regardless of whether they use new style or old style shingles. Both have the same lifespan, but you want it on paper so get that in the contract.

How will you protect my property while you are working?
The last thing you need is for the roofer to damage your property in any way. So ask how they intend to keep your property intact while they work. This includes your yard, landscaping, gutters, siding and windows.