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Roof Repair

Roof Repair | All You Need To Know About Different Types of Roofs

Whether you are looking for roofing ideas for your new house or want to renovate the old roof of your present house, we have all the information you will need on roof types.

Different Types of Roofs:

There are following major types of roofs from which you can choose according to your choice and requirements:

  1. Flat Roof

The most simple and economical roof type is a flat roof. While it is easier to inspect and cheaper to build, its downside includes high maintenance requirements. Reason being there is no way of deterring the water away and chances of seepage are much higher.

  1. Pyramidal Roof

These roof types give a pyramidal look to the house as they slope towards the walls. They are stable and are suitable for most of the weather conditions as well. 

  1. Gable roof

These roof types have spaces with the adjacent walls and while they are sturdy and cheaper to build, there is always the risk of leakage through the holes.

  1. Gambrel Roof

These consist of two curved lines and have two slopes. While they have a great capacity to drain water and are easier to build but they are not suitable for the windy areas.

These are few different types of roofs that are available and you can choose among these according to your requirements and style. TRW is the roofing company for you if you are a Floridian. They are experts at installing various types of roofs and are famous for our quality and experience.