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Roof Repair | Heavy Wind

Roof Repair

A strong storm may not bring rain or hails, but your roof may sustain damages after heavy winds. You are likely to see weak roof stress points. Strong winds can carry flying debris onto the roof leading to missing shingles. To prevent water damage or costly fuel bills arising from the damage of roof by heavy winds, you will need immediate roof repair.

How Heavy Winds Damage Your Roof

Heavy winds can pressure the roof perimeters and corners. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) reports that wind damage mainly occurs at the edge of your roof. If your roofing material is loose or weak, the heavy winds can blow the shingles away and a gradual peeling of your roof structure will begin. Strong winds can cause trees to fall on the roof, leaks, and expose the insulation.

How to Prevent Wind Damage on Roofs

Homeowners can prevent wind damage by asking a roof repair experts to fix the weak points at the corners and the edge. A roof that is strong enough always can withstand heavy winds.

How to Repair Roof Wind Damage

A roof restoration contractor can inspect your roof including the downspouts and gutters where the flying debris clogs. The roof installation professional will perform a roof inspection for any missing, cracked, torn, curled, or damaged shingles. The roof inspection should extend to the ventilation pipes and fencing.

The particular roof areas the roof expert fixes include:

• Wood shingles for molds, decay, splitting, or curling
• The flat roof for patches, wrinkles, cracks, or tears
• Flashing: for signs of tears and buckling
• Roofing cement that might suffer crumbling
• The fascia to repair any decay or perform stain removal
• The clogged and damaged ridge vents
• Your gutters so as to address decay, rust, loose structures, leaking seams, or sagging
• The chimney repair in case of leaning, damaged bricks, missing flashing, and cracked joints.

The roof restoration exercise addresses the moisture marks, grey stains, and peeling paint on roofs, ceilings, and walls. The attic may have leaks or damp rafters so your roof repair company will fix the problem too.roof repair