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Roof Repair | Lets Talk About Safety

Roof Repair

Roof repair | Safety tips | As the seasons change, home and business owners often start thinking about roof repair projects. Although roofing companies typically offer free or low-cost inspections, many home and business owners inspect their own roofs and perform minor repairs, such as replacing missing or corroded nails and screws and cleaning out gutters. If you perform any type of actions related to roof repair, please follow these tips to stay safe:

– Wear the appropriate gear: We recommend that property owners always wear thick material jeans, long-sleeved shirts, knee pads and boots with excellent traction to help prevent falls and protect the skin from scrapes. We also recommend thick, grip-style work gloves, a roof safety harness and a hard hat.
– Work in a team: It is extremely easy for a ladder to shift to the right or left as you climb up or down it. Someone holding the ladder at the bottom helps to steady it. Additionally, a roof project partner can help you secure your harness and contact help if a medical emergency happens.
– Make the ladder level: Always check that your ladder is level using a bubble level tool. If your ladder is not level or it slides, find a safe way to level it, such as digging a level hole to prevent tilting or placing a support block against the bottom to prevent sliding.
– Wait for a dry, sunny afternoon: Wet leaves and roof surfaces are a consistent cause of many roof-related falls. Even if the weather stayed rain-free the day and night before a pre-planned roof inspection or maintenance, dew and fog can make the roof slick. Additionally, some roof surfaces stay wet for a long time after a rain.
Use common sense: If you feel unwell on the day of a planned roof inspection or repair or the weather looks like it might turn from fantastic to horrible at a moment’s notice, reschedule your project for a different day.