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Roof Repair

Roof Repair | Owens Corning | Hire the Best Contractors to Repair a Roof | Horrible weather conditions such as hurricanes occur in Ruskin, Fla., and this can lead to damaged rooftops on commercial and residential buildings. TRW & Associates Inc., has knowledgeable contractors who are ready to perform emergency roof repair on homes and businesses to protect underlying surfaces such as drywall and insulation. Working on a rooftop is a dangerous and strenuous job that requires having the correct equipment to reach locations several stories above ground level. When a roof has damage from high winds or a fire, property owners need a contractor who can analyze the problems and devise a plan for replacing shingles and waterproofing membranes along with repairing gutters, eaves and downspouts.

Upgrade a Building’s Roofing Materials

Alternatively, a property owner might request a roof repair because the surface has degraded over several years, and it has problems such as cracked or curling shingles. When the shingles on a roof begin to curl and crack, moisture enters from dew or rain, leading to rotting wooden frames and drywall inside a building. This rotting material can attract wildlife such as squirrels and rats or insects such as termites and ants. Pests can cause additional damage to a damaged roof, and in addition, mold or moss may begin to grow on the roofing or underlying materials. While having a rooftop fixed, a business manager or homeowner might also opt to make improvements that help to prevent the loss of climate-controlled air in Florida.

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After a devastating storm in Florida, a lot of fly-by-night contractors will travel through a city to fix damaged rooftops. This type of roof repair is often shoddy and overpriced, but at TRW & Associates, we offer written estimates while also providing warranties on materials and labor. In business since 2003, TRW & Associates has the appropriate licensing and insurance to work on residential and commercial properties in Ruskin and nearby regions.