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Roof Repair- The Process

Roof Repair| The Process

Roof Repair- The Process| If you experience water staining across the walls or the ceilings, the probable reason is a leakage in your roof. But, finding the leakage is the most difficult part. Once the leak is tracked, roof repair is yet another ob. But, its important to remember that minor leaks often may lead to major damages. So, it’s important that the leaks are fixed as soon as possible. At times, leaks may develop over the years. These may be caused due to shingles or cracks or blisters. So, proper inspection of the entire roof area is important to locate the leak properly.

Here are some steps to be followed for roof repair. First and foremost, it’s important that you make the curled shingles straight. This can either be done with the help of electric dryer by providing heat. But, open flame source of heat is usually not recommended. Because the shingles may get damaged. The next step will be to reattach the shingles around the edges exposed after they have been straightened with some compound, namely asphalt roof cement. However, if the shingle is completely damaged, replacement is the need of the hour. The corners of the new shingle must be rounded properly. Then, the new shingle needs to be slid in and fixed with nails. Finally the nail heads must be covered using the roof cement. In case of damaged shakes, the damaged parts must be removed using a chisel. With the help of a fine toothed saw, insert new shakes and fit it across. Once this is done, seal it properly. 

But, if the damage is extensive, repair and replacement need to be done on a larger scale. Also, remember the seal and other materials used during roof repair must be compatible. They must be weatherproof as well. Don’t forget to wear shoes with rubber soles while carrying out the process of repair and replacement.