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Roof Repair | By far, we are one of the safest roofing contractors in the industry with a consistent EMR of less than 1.0 (the industry average). We develop safety plans for every project we undertake and have a dedicated safety department that does both routine and random inspections on every job. We train every roofer to OSHA standards and are constantly monitoring revisions and updates to OSHA regulations for new and improved methods for keeping our crews safe. Our company culture believes that safety initiatives are not just important. They are about life or death. We would rather pull a person off of a job for not following safety regulations and retrain them than continue with lives at risk. It’s just that simple. We have a zero tolerance policy for fall protection violations with an underlying foundation of training and improving overall Safety. Our customers demand it and our employees deserve it.
So with that discussion, we will continue to look for additional ways to get buy-in among all employees for ultimate Safety company-wide, both on job sites and at our Facility and in our headquarters in general. Some of the innovative concepts that can be applied are drones and job site webcams, as well as peer-on-peer ownership and additional training resources. We will continue to make sure our entire staff understands how important their lives are to us, how important their safety is to us, and how important a safe environment is to our customers.
Roof Repair | As always we welcome your feedback and encourage your participation. How are you ensuring the safety of your workers? How do you make it a priority in your business? Let us know what you think.