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Roof Repair

Storm damage? Here are 4 Roof Repair signs to spot! 

If you have been living in Florida for long, you are not new to thunderstorm activities common to the region. While summer can go up and above 90’s during summer, they can bring unexpected tropical storms, hurricane and hail at the same time — only to leave you searching for a roofing contractor!

Why is roof repair important?

As a matter of fact, your house roof acts like your savior by safeguarding your home from damage due to the weather. With the abundance of storms in the region, and of course the aging homes, your roof may have already gone through a rough patch. Therefore, when performing a DIY, look out for all causes for concerns, such as: blistering, cracking, curling, etc.

Here are four signs that roofing company professionals look out for when determining the exterior of your living spaces. They are as follows:

  1. Look out for signs that cause water intrusions in your abode. These may include: Pinhole leaks, rust and aging signs.
  2. One of the most common problems found by roof repair companies lie in chimney leaks. Chimney caps that have gone bad due to time and storm damage can create unstoppable leaks in important areas of your homes.
  3. Shingles that are torn or show sign of corrugation due to hail, storm winds should also be evaluated while scrutinizing the exterior.
  4. Areas of vents and plumbing are one of the most neglected when conducting inspection. Look out for missing sealants that can cause diffusion.

Always look out for the aforementioned signs when conducting a roof inspection.

With unpredictable weather forecasts in Florida, it is quiet difficult to keep your roofs in shape with DIY strategies.

So, whether you are a home or business owner living in Tampa, Brandon, Sarasota, St Pete or Ruskin, we at TRW are here to help you recover from severe roofing disasters! We will aid in evaluating and providing your roofs with protection from water, mold or wood penetration before and after storm damage. Schedule an appointment today and enjoy a safe and secure tomorrow!