roof repair

Roof Repair Vs Replacement

Roof Repair

Difference between Roof Repair and Roof Replacement

Homeowners are often faced with challenging decisions — whether to go for a roof replacement or a roof repairs is one.  Before making a choice, it is imperative that you understand what differentiates the two roofing reforms. 

Roof Repairs 

Roof repairs make the homeowners invest in a pre-existing roofing structure so that its life is extended. Roof repairs are mandatory when the shingles are blown off by the wind, the shingles are cracked or curled or if the pieces of flashing have gone missing. High winds can dislodge the shingles and weather conditions may allow water to accumulate and damage the roof. 

Roof Replacements 

In other words, roof replacement is called re-roofing. The primary structure of the roof is removed entirely. In certain situations, the labor costs are reduced by adding the new roofing material over the badly damaged existing roof. However, it is advisable that not more than two layers of different roofing materials are installed. Otherwise, the additional weight has the potential to cause severe harm. 

Repair or Replace 

Assessing the condition of the roof is the primary step. Is the damage caused by the use of incompatible material or was it the extreme weather condition? Consider the age of the roofing material when you are making a major decision. If the roof is a couple of decades old and it is undergoing leakages or suffering from visible wear and tear, it is high time you hire a reputable roofing company and get the roof replaced. Patching relatively newer roofs is possible considering the magnitude of the sustained damages. TRW Construction has been in the roofing business in Florida for a very long time. They provide honest advices and reliable services and will make sure that longevity is attained whether you go for a replacement or a repair.