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Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration | Many building owners and facility managers will be facing an “ongoing repairs vs. replacement” decision about their roofs in coming years, but before they rush to judgment they should consider a third option – restoration.

Newer technology available today in roofing materials combined with scientifically based data analysis tools make roof restorations an attractive option for extending a roof’s service life. Why? There are several advantages to restoring a commercial roof. Here are the top five:

Half-price discount. The first reason is simple; the cost. Extending a roof’s service life through restoration can not only delay a costly replacement, but it can allow you to allocate budget dollars toward other facility improvements. Further, too often roof replacements are done prematurely; before the roof’s useful life has been fully depleted, thus leaving money on the table. Proactive, timely intervention with quality materials and workmanship can significantly extend a roof’s useful life, saving up to 50 percent of the cost of replacement.

Less disruption to the business. When you choose a complete roof replacement, consider the distractions that come with such a major construction project: unsightly dumpsters, waste generation and removal, aggravating noise, an unavailability of parking spaces, unwelcome dust and odors, and roofers coming in and out of the building among your customers or employees.

Fewer exposures to safety and human resources risks. Personnel issues can be another form of disruption. A large roofing project equates to a lot of people, thus a lot of exposure to risk. Safety on the job is a shared responsibility among the building owner, roofing contractor and roofers themselves. Workers on the job should be background-checked for drug use and criminal activity; they should be properly documented and follow all worker safety protocols. Choosing a roofing contractor who self-performs the work, and ensuring it follows these steps will help minimize your risk exposure.
The gift that keeps on giving. A roof restoration combined with a proactive maintenance program can continue to extend the useful life of the roof time and time again. Restoration is not a short-term, patchwork solution. It’s bringing the roof system back to like-new condition. Done thoroughly, and with timely maintenance interventions, its service life can continue to be extended beyond the first restoration.

Renewed warranty. “If I do a complete tear-off, the new roof will come with a warranty.” The warranty on the roof might offer some peace of mind, but you should exercise caution. From a building maintenance standpoint it’s better to depend on the actual roof or roof repair; not the warranty. Further, comprehensive roof rebuilds and restorations, through TRW Roofing, are warrantable; truly warrantable, with accountability and no finger-pointing when you make a claim because we are the manufacturer and installer of the roof systems we use.

Roofing maintenance is now a sophisticated science. TRW Roofing uses innovative tools and real data from customers around the country to accurately project a roof’s useful remaining life. We do this to help customers avoid unnecessary roofing expenses. Our restoration programs extend the roof’s useful life through timely intervention, maximizing your maintenance budget dollars.

Not every roof qualifies for a restoration, however. Contact TRW Roofing before you replace your roof to see if a restoration option is possible. It’s a call that might save you 50 percent on the cost of a total roof tear-off and replacement.