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Ask Your Roofing Contractor: Aesthetic Roof Types 

Owning a house is a dream of every American, and, the aesthetic sensualist in us wants to look it trendier and beautiful. The exterior of a house is what captivates the interest primarily and the roofing plays a major role in it. Below is a collection of unorthodox, artistic roof types about which you can ask from your roofing contractor.  

Showing the Catalog to Your Roofing Contractor

The Dome

Resembling those inverted bowls in your kitchen, dome roofs are unique and because of their structural integrity, very durable. Dome roofs are not common in home architectures; they are there for the daredevils. But one thing is for sure, whenever we come across one, we just stop and amaze at the architecture.  

The SaltBox

Inspired from the wooden lidded box which was once used to store salt, the saltbox roofing is not new, dating back to the 18th century. However, to this very day, it continues to enchant us with its unorthodox, asymmetrical look. The saltbox is a pitched roofing, which is shorter from one side and longer at the other, with gables at each of its ends. It makes them suitable for people who want to add to their living space by adding a couple of stories on the shortened side. Since it is a pitch, slanted roof, it helps in water run offs especially during heavy rains of Florida. 

The Skillion

Traditionally, skillion roofs have been used for only a portion of a home, but with modern architecture fast evolving, these are being used to create a multi-level outlook for homes. With the skillions you not only get a modern look for your home but they also gain help during the weather run offs. 

You will find plenty of roof types and designs that you can ask your roofing contractor to build, but only a few can add modernism and elegance along with aesthetics. If you need help, we are here to guide you.