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Roofing Contractor | When to Call

Roofing Contractor

Keeping your roof in good shape is an important part of being a homeowner, and ideally you should have a trained roofing contractor inspect your roof every one to three years for signs of damage and wear. Between these visits you can evaluate the condition of your roof yourself. Here are some signs that it may be time to call in a professional.

1. A Leaking Roof

If water is making its way through your roof, it’s definitely time to call in the expertise of a roofing contractor. A leaking roof can have a serious impact on your home. For one, it can damage your attic, ceilings, and ceiling mounted light fixtures. Moisture can also cause mildew and mold to grow in your property, which may lead to you and your family developing health issues. Mold remediation will end up costing much more than getting the initial roof repair.

2. Missing and Damaged Shingles

Missing and damaged shingles are a sure sign that there’s something wrong with your roof. Shingles can be torn off during extreme weather conditions, and without them, you’re at risk for developing a leak. Old shingles may begin drying and cracking in the sun, which then causes them to tear.

3. A Sagging Roof

Should you discover that your roof is sagging, it may be a sign that your home has suffered from structural damage. A buildup of moisture can cause roofing materials to deteriorate, which is one of the major causes of sagging. Sagging can also be caused by too much weight being placed on the roof, such as when large amounts of snow or ice accumulate on it.

4. The Roof’s Age

As a homeowner, it’s vital to know the age of your roof. In most cases, roofing materials are intended to last for 25 years, so if your roof is older than 20, you should monitor its condition. Consider consulting with a roofing contractor about having it replaced.