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Roofing Contractor | Common Questions

Roofing Contractor

If you have noticed that your roof is leaking, shingles have come loose or the gutters are starting to pull away, it may be time to talk with a roofing contractor. What are a few common questions to ask before any work is done to it?

How Do I Pay for the Work?

There are many different options available to homeowners. After a storm or other disaster, your homeowners insurance company could cover some or all of the repair costs. You may also be able to finance the cost and make installment payments over time.

How Long Will it Take to Complete the Project?

The length of the project depends on the scope of the work being done, how many other projects are going on at the same time and the weather. Repairing a large section of a roof deck during periods of inclement weather could take days while just repairing a few shingles on a sunny day could take a few hours at most.

What Materials Should I Use on My Roof?

The type of material a homeowner chooses depends on his or her needs, wants and budget. Asphalt shingles are usually the least expensive option and will last for up to 20 years. However, metal roofing is easier to maintain and wood shakes provide a unique look and better protection against fire. Metal roofs can last for 50 years or more while a treated wood can last for decades or longer depending on the climate.

It is understandable that you may have many questions for your roofing contractor. By asking those questions, you can get the information you need to get the job done right the first time and within your budget. It may also help you properly maintain your roof after it has been repaired or replaced to help protect your investment.