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Roofing Contractor | Different Types Of Roofs

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Roofing Contractor: Different Types of Roofs | Humans distinguish themselves from other primates by constructing roofs over their places of habitation. When it rains, gorillas and chimpanzees are content to be rained on, but long ago humans used banana leaves or other natural materials to guard against the weather. As time went on, roofs became more reliable and elaborate. Now, the skill set of a roofing contractor must be extensive to be able to build, maintain and repair all the types of roofs there are. Here are a few of them:

The gable roof has two sides that slope upward to form a triangle.

A gambrel roof has two extra ridges that are parallel to the center gable ridge. This creates two steep slopes below each side of the flatter, upper slopes. If it has a double slope, it is called a mansard roof.

A hipped roof has four sides that slope up from all four of the walls.

The mansard roof is a hipped roof that has two slopes on either side. The lower slope is very steep while the upper slope is flatter. This roof was named after the French architect François Mansart, who revived the style even though he didn’t invent it.

A flat roof has no gables or slopes. It is challenging to maintain because it does not shed precipitation easily. Most flat roofs are found in dry climates and have just a slight pitch to help them to shed water.

Saltbox Roof
The saltbox house is a house where the second story overhangs the ground floor in the front. The saltbox roof sweeps down in the back to cover the rooms on the ground floor.

Lean To
This is a single slope set over a small structure that’s attached to a larger structure.

Styles of houses are even named after the type of roof they have. A house can be marketed as side-gabled, front-gabled or cross-gabled, for instance.

Besides the shape, the material of the roof also needs to be taken into account. A roofing contractor needs special training to be able to install and repair roofs made of slate or terra-cotta tile or flat roofs that have built-up material.