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Roofing Contractor | Safety Tips

Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor | Safety Tips | A roofing contractor has a very dangerous job. Roofs can be very steep and slick. A fall can occur either off the roof or through the roof. A good roofing crew will always be aware and follow safety tips.

Ladders should be secure and at a proper angle. Falling from ladders is where most accidents occur. Never do the work a ladder was not intended for, like pushing a sheet of plywood up a ladder in front. Roofing material should be delivered by a ladder or boom truck.

While working on a roof, roofers should be harnessed to a safety cable and use roof jacks that are properly installed. A roof jack can come free if improperly nailed. A safety hat, gloves, and roofing boots should be worn for added safety. Extra care should be taken when coming off the roof on to the ladder.

A professional roofing contractor will keep an eye on weather conditions. Rain and dew can make shingles wet and slippery. An early morning frost will even be worse. A roofing crew should never be on the roof in slick conditions. Installing plywood or OSB sheets can be very dangerous in windy conditions. A gust can blow the plywood and roofers off the roof in the right conditions.

A job should never be rushed. Being careless can lead to severe injury or even death. Tools should be used properly and only as intended. Never use a nail gun as a manual hammer to pound a nail in that did not drive properly. Air hoses should be in good shape and never tangled. A tangled hose can work like a snare causing tripping or even a fall off the roof.

The job-site should be kept clean and free of clutter. Accidents can happen on the ground as well as the roof. Staying safe and injury free should be foremost on the minds of the whole roofing crew.