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Ask Your Roofing Contractor: Spray Applied Coatings 

Flat roofs are quite common in Florida and this widespread adoption invites debate on the best coating options for flat roofing, as the coatings can extend the life of a roof and make our home more energy efficient. As such, spray applied coatings have seen their market share rise significantly in recent years. Having to take a decision on our own can lead to a poor judgment and therefore it is essential that we ask our roofing contractors about everything that spray coatings have to offer, before we mount on that step ladder. 

What Do We Need To Discuss with Roofing Contractor

The Common Spray Applied Coatings

Silicone, acrylic, and aluminum, are the three most extensively used spray applied coatings for flat roofing. Each of it has its own edge and this is such an extensive discussion in itself that a whole separate blog can be dedicated to it.

Advantages of Spray Applied Coatings

  • The first advantage of spray applied coatings as compared to other flat roof coating options is the convenience of application. All we need is a drum and a sprayer. We are not supposed to tear off the whole roof to apply spray coating. Besides that we don’t need a primer coating.
  • The improved adhesive and cohesive properties of spray applied coatings make them hard to penetrate through, increasing its water proofing ability and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Spray applied coatings are highly reflective, making them ideal as roof coatings in warm areas.
  • If a crack ever appears in spray applied coatings, we can easily refill them without any professional supervision and expending lots of hours. 

Disadvantages of Spray Applied Coatings

  • Since it is spray based application, the process is prone to errors as uniform spraying is not achieved and this can leave areas of our flat roofs exposed.
  • Having an adhesive layer, spray based coatings often entraps dirt and need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the look.

Spray applied coatings is one of the most convenient flat roof coating options, with disadvantages far outnumbered by its advantages. If you think you need professional help, give us a call now