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Roofing Contractor | How Do the Metal Roofs Keep the Buildings Cool?

Most people misinterpret the cooling properties of metal roofs considering that its thermal conductivity and electrical properties, makes its surface hot. However, that isn’t the case — the cool and energy efficient characteristics of metal roof that you are looking for are dependent on the quality of construction material and the aptitude of the roofing contractor. Here is how the metal roofs keep the buildings cool:

  1. Low Thermal Mass

Metal roofs reflect the light falling upon it because of low thermal mass. This property prevents them from absorbing light, meaning that when the external temperature cools, they also cool down. If there is additional reflective coatings applied by the roofing contractor the metal roof also have the tendency to re-emit the heat. You will realize that the attics are much cooler in the warm summer days and you will be able to notice the change in the cooling system’s efficiency.

  1. Low Maintenance 

Conventional roofing materials experience severe damages after a storm or hurricane — resulting in extensive roof repairs. Sometime even the lifetime also declines, forcing homeowners to have roof replacements earlier than the lifetime of the material. In contrast, metal roofing has warranties that extend up till 40 years or more and have lifetime greater than 50 years. 

  1. Not Just Cooler— Metal Roofs Are Also Greener

Because metal roofs are mostly constructed with 98% recycled aluminum materials, they are considered a sustainable option. The fact that they are pre-fabricated also limits the transportation costs. Just in case the roof has to be dismantled, it can again be recycled for a new construction, making them greener than other roofing materials.

  1. Hire a Great Roofing Contractor for Efficient Ventilation

An important factor in keeping the building cool with metal roofing is an efficient ventilation system. This is where a great roofing contractor plays a crucial role. TRW Construction knows the importance of proper ventilation in hot areas. This is why the roofing metal is coupled with an appropriate underlayment and decking materials in order to prevent the heat from transferring into the building.