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Roofing Contractor | Keep Your Roof Clean to Help Prevent the Need for Roofing Repairs

Homeowners looking to avoid roofing repair may want to ensure their upkeep on the roof is frequent. A roofing contractor can help ensure that repairs are made on a timely basis, but maintaining your roof ensures the condition of your roof remains intact throughout your roof’s expected life time.

If you have asphalt shingles on your home, you know they provide long-lasing and secure coverage. They are care-free but are susceptible to staining from mildew, algae and moss. This not only leaves unattractive stains, but the growth of moss on your home can loosen the adhesion of the shingles edges and this creates potential leaks. There are a variety of cleaners available for you to use, but you’ll want to know the procedure involves to ensure safe and effective cleaning of your roof.

Tips for Safe Roof Cleaning

You should put on protective clothing and keep your shrubs, trees and lawn close to the house soaking wet during the entire cleaning process in order to dilute the potential impact of the corrosive chemicals you’ll be using on your roof.

Cleaning Solution

Use some trisodium phosphate diluted with water in the bucket. Inside the sprayer reservoir, mix with bleach. If the directions on the package are not clear, try the following: Use 1 1/2 gallons of water, 3/4 gallon of sodium hypochlorite diluted in 2 cups of water in a bucket. Place the mixture in a 2-gallon sprayer. You can add a small amount of dish-washing liquid to the mixture to help increase the ability for the mixture to cut through grease.

Spray the solution over the roof’s surface and let it sit until you see the stains begin to become brown in color and start to fade. Spray the solution down with your garden house or a pressure washer, although be careful with a pressure washer, as it can peel or loosen shingles, which opens the roof up to leaking.

Take Preventive Action

It’s best to take preventative action so moss, algae or lichens don’t gain control of your roof. Have a roofing contractor add flashing strips at defined roof angles where the runoff keeps the roof clean.

You can also evaluate the pruning that is needed to improve the sunlight and sunlight on your roof. Cutting back branches helps to prevent moisture build-up which reduces the conditions necessary for mold to grow and flourish.